I met Goose when he arrived at my trainer Nicole Huttar's farm in 2017. My trainer's lesson and boarding farm is also a partner farm (Jumping H Farm Re3 Adoption and Therapy)  for Turning For Home, an organization that rehomes retired OTTBs. 


I started riding Goose in my lessons and then we competed at local horse shows and events before I adopted him in 2018.  As a middle-aged woman who had just returned to riding and competing 2 years prior, it was a thrill to find a horse that gave me such confidence.  During our show season we competed at a local Combined Training Event series and were awarded Champion.  I was so proud of my Goose boy! 


From his mooching for peppermints, to his fleetness of foot in a jumping round, to his gentle nicker to me at feeding time – I am so blessed to have adopted this grey boy and I love him dearly.  


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It's only for adopted equines, and only for amateur photographers.  So get out your camera or phone, and capture what makes your horse special to you! 

This is for equines adopted from a 501(c)3 organization with an Adoption Agreement that meets the AHIP criteria (see rules).  Or from a local law enforcement organization with the same criteria of Adoption Agreement (see rules). 

If you are not the photographer, you'll need their permission to submit the photo.  And if there are people in the shot, they need to give their permission too.

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"Tara was adopted from Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue. She lives with 3 of her herd mates at The Healing Equine Ranch in Agoura Hills. She is just over two years old and is fiery, playful, smart and easy going. Here is Tara’s Selfie."

Farrah with her favorite buddy, Athens, and a group of friends enjoying hay as it snows. 

Farrah is a 10 year old Arab mare adopted from FOCUS Rescue & Rehabilitation in Ohio. 

Molly adopted Farrah in February 2019 with endurance in mind, and she loves heading out on trail.

“We adopted Buddy two years ago.  He is a stunning paint gelding with a playful horsenality.  He is super friendly and loves to be scratched vigorously on his neck and around his ears, and spend quality time with his three sisters here at the ranch.”

Buddy and his sisters were bred by a paint horse breeder who dispersed his whole herd at Fallon Auction in Nevada.  Over 20 were rescued that day - pregnant mares with nursing foals, plus yearling and two-year olds.  When Kiki visited Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue, she didn’t come looking for a horse.  But from several pastures away, Buddy watched Kiki until they finally met and he enchanted her… He and his sisters are now growing up together in Southern California.

"Kensi is extremely inquisitive and amazingly sweet!

She loves everyone and is a huge treat snob" says Katie Miclat, Kensi's adopter.

Kensington, a warmblood mare, was adopted from Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance.

Every horse deserves, at least once in its life, to be loved by a little girl.  

And every little girl deserves to be loved by a horse!


“They were magic from the moment they met,” says adopter Ashlee Petersen.

“Brooklynne told me she felt safe and that Zeenah was a very good listener. 

Zeenah would do anything for her and has given my daughter such incredible confidence in her riding.

She is priceless to us.”

Zeenah was rescued from Mike’s Auction, skinny with a big wormy belly and no muscle.  Just a ‘throwaway’ horse. 

Love This Horse, Equine Rescue, who specialize in Arabians, was able to buy her. 

During rehab they discovered she was patient and well trained as an English horse. 

So when Zeenah chose Brooklynne to be her very own child, it was a match!
That was last year - Brooklynne is now 6, and Zeenah is about 10 years older.  How sweet are they...!



"I'd like to thank the Adopted Horse Incentive Program for highlighting how FABULOUS and AWESOME adopted horses are. I know. My mom adopted me from Maker's Mark Secretariat Center in May 2019. Probably the best decision she ever made. That's why we are donating our prize to Maker's Mark!"

Niles secretly thought he could not win - he claimed that his Mom had T-Rex arms and as they were so short, getting good selfies was an insurmountable challenge...  LOL!


Adopter Wendi Neckameyer says "Niles tends to get a bit giddy when he wins something."  She adopted Niles in May 2019 from Maker's Mark Secretariat Center only three months after he was retired from the track.  Wendi says Niles' mantra is "Everything's a toy, except a toy." He enjoys long daytime naps, alfalfa, lush spring grass, getting his forehead scritched, and carrots. Pet peeves: all biting and buzzing insects, & Mom taking too long to clean up after a workout, especially when the grass is calling.

"Each day he makes me laugh and brings me joy. I am having so much fun working with him to create a lifelong partnership, however far we may go." 

Adopter Kim Leising says Cinnamon is sweet, friendly and curious!
She was adopted as a 3 year old from Begin Again Horse Rescue in NY. That was 10 years ago!
A Belgian, Cinnamon is huge, and weighs about 2,000lbs.
Kim mainly trail rides with her, and last year started obstacle courses.

This is the first year Cinnamon has had a child riding her, and she’s doing wonderfully.

Kittara is 7, and Mila is 9, and they are the best of friends!


"It was love at first sight two years ago, and that hasn’t changed a bit", says Sylvia Lemberski, Mila’s mom, "They won 1st place in equitation at their first show together, and have placed in every show since." Sylvia took this photo of the two of them, showing their close emotional connection.


Love This Horse Equine Rescue is run by Vera Kalila. A friend in Missouri saw a 'sole grey Arabian in a sea of OTTB’s headed for slaughter', and called Vera to see if Love This Horse could take the mare. Vera says "My friend kept her poker face", and negotiated with the killbuyer, buying her for $250.


Kittara turns out to be the granddaughter of Patrick Swayze’s Arabian stallion, Tammen.

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