"Kensi is extremely inquisitive and amazingly sweet! She loves everyone and is a huge treat snob"

says Katie Miclat, Kensi's adopter.

Kensington, a warmblood mare, was adopted from Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance.


Show us your adopted equines in this fun, free monthly contest!

Best photo selected by our judge each month wins $100.


(love from your horse to a person or animal)

Each month's theme will be posted here...

It's only for adopted equines, and only for amateur photographers.  So get out your camera or phone, and capture what makes your horse special to you! 

This is for equines adopted from a 501(c)3 organization with an Adoption Agreement that meets the AHIP criteria (see rules).  Or from a local law enforcement organization with the same criteria of Adoption Agreement (see rules). 

If you are not the photographer, you'll need their permission to submit the photo.  And if there are people in the shot, they need to give their permission too.

Only 1 photo a month per horse.  Can't wait to see them! 

Step 1:  Read the AHIP & Photo Contest rules in this PDF:

Step 2:  Register with your adoption agreement & 2 simple ID-type photos showing your horse's color & marking to get your AHIP registration # sent to you.

Step 3:  Once you have received your AHIP #, enter the photo contest here:

"Tara was adopted from Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue. She lives with 3 of her herd mates at The Healing Equine Ranch in Agoura Hills. She is just over two years old and is fiery, playful, smart and easy going. Here is Tara’s Selfie."

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